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What is a hero brand?

The hero brand is the perfect vehicle for businesses to build a following.   read more »

Every business can be a hero brand

Businesses that stand for something important and inspire people build meaningful connections. read more »

What's your story?

Hero brands including Apple, Virgin and The Body Shop have a compelling story of purpose.  Let’s dig deep to find yours.  read more »

About Cowan & Partners who we are

matt cowan

Matt has always passionately followed his heroes’ stories from the world of entertainment: movies, rock music, soccer and books.  The stories which particularly appeal to him are those which feature an underdog rising to the challenge.  His hero adulation is now resulting in hero creation - in the business world.                

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our firm

We’re a boutique marketing communication firm dedicated to unleashing your hero brand.  We provide your business with a powerful voice by emphatically telling your story through your contentbrand design, social media, direct and web marketing, publicity, sales and more. Win the hearts and minds of your audience, and prosper.

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